About Ripped Rooster

The Rooster has so many symbolic meanings: Pride, Honesty, Courage, Vigilance, Arrogance, Strength, Watchfulness and Flamboyance. This symbol represents what we want Ripped Rooster to mean to guys in their pursuit of a lifetime of health, passion, fun and excitement.

Why Testosterone?

A Google search will offer hundreds of hits that support the well known fact that for a guy Testosterone is King. Testosterone is responsible for self confidence, happiness, motivation, a positive outlook on life, a muscular body and an elevated sex drive. An experiment performed in Germany over 160 years ago proved this to be true and gave rise to the name Ripped Rooster. A scientist selected four roosters and changed their lives and the lives of all men forever. He removed the testicles from two of the roosters and implanted them into the abdominal cavities of their two friends. The testicle-less roosters became like the typical guy of 2012, fat, docile and slow. The roosters with the extra testicles walked around with a little extra mojo, attitude and swagger. They crowed, battled and pursued hens enthusiastically as their masculine traits were enhanced.