Low Testosterone & Impotence

Mention the words ‘impotence’ and ‘erectile dysfunction’ around men and you can see the panic set in. Most men know that as they get older, especially past the age of 40, that their testosterone levels will start to drop. However, a natural decrease is a lot different than a complete loss of interest in sex as well as the ability to perform. Recent studies indicate that there may be a direct correlation between men with low testosterone and conditions of impotence and erectile dysfunction. It’s is now quite obvious that low testosterone levels have a profound impact on men and in many cases can cause a number of debilitating side effects including depression, fatigue, anxiety and mood swings. Losing your vital energy source will take a toll on anyone and testosterone is the hormone that drives men. If you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and believe low testosterone is the cause, try using Total Testosterone, a supplement that can help your body produce the natural levels of testosterone your body needs.

Other Ways To Improve Testosterone Levels and Return Your Sex Drive To A Healthy Level:

  • Proper Diet
  • Regular Exercise
  • Quit Smoking

  • Reduce Alcohol Consumption
  • Lose Weight

How Ripped Rooster Can Help

Erections develop when signals are transmitted from the brain to the nerves in the penis and blood is circulated to the area to produce an erection. Although low testosterone alone rarely causes ED it is often is cited as one of the contributing factors in impotence. ED and impotence are often the result of atherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries that prevents the strong flow of blood necessary for a firm erection.

In addition to leading a healthier lifestyle, men can also try a natural testosterone booster such as Total Testosterone. If your ED is not related to a physical problem or a psychological issue a healthy boost of testosterone may be what you need to break out of your funk and get back to being the man you want to be. Men who increase their testosterone often notice a boost in energy, an enhanced libido and a return of their normal sex drive as well as the ability to achieve and maintain erections. Don’t let low testosterone stop you from living the life you want, try Total Testosterone today and get back in the game.