Testosterone Affects Overall Health

The truth is my business partner and I both had our blood testosterone levels checked before we started taking Total Testosterone and then we took it for a couple of months and retested. Let’s just say that the next day we went into production because our numbers were awesome. His Total T doubled, free increased by 50% and his sex binding went down. The best part is that this was his body doing this on its own, the way it is supposed to work. We weren’t giving him some crazy synthetic stuff that was going to shut his own production off and create a whole bunch of other problems down the road.

I was thrilled with my results too. No clinical study just two guy’s cool experiences and the beginning of something that can potentially change every man’s life. Read the next section and if that describes you and you don’t know what to do about it, or worse, you are chasing symptoms with a bunch of meds that aren’t really fixing anything. Get your testosterone levels checked and get yourself some Total Testosterone and get to living and enjoying life again.

Effects and Symptoms Of Low Testosterone: